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Bridging Gaps and Finding Homes for Pets in Phoenix and Tucson

In a heartfelt effort to extend care beyond humans, Amicus Estate Settlement Solutions has established partnerships with several commendable organizations in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. The focus is on assisting in placing pets who are left behind during estate settlements, ensuring these furry companions find loving homes where they can thrive. Let's delve into the collaborative efforts with organizations that share Amicus's commitment to animal welfare.

Amicus Estate Settlement Solutions, through strategic collaborations with organizations such as The Fetch Foundation, Arizona Small Dog Rescue, Dogtree Pines Senior Dog Sanctuary, and The Big Mutt Network, exemplifies a commitment to animal welfare. By extending support to these organizations, Amicus ensures that pets left behind during estate settlements receive the care, attention, and loving homes they deserve. This collaborative effort not only benefits the pets but also reflects the spirit of community and compassion shared among these dedicated organizations in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

In a touching display of compassion and generosity, Archer, the son of the owner of Amicus Estate Settlement Solutions, has made a significant contribution to the well-being of pets left behind during estate settlements. Despite his young age, Archer decided to channel his entrepreneurial spirit toward a noble cause, donating approximately $600 of profits from his lemonade stand to support the Arizona Small Dog Rescue dedicated to finding loving homes for these furry companions.

Archer's lemonade stand initiative goes beyond a financial contribution; it reflects a growing trend of community engagement and empathy. By involving family members, particularly younger generations, in philanthropic activities, businesses like Amicus Estate Settlement Solutions contribute to the development of socially responsible individuals who understand the importance of giving back.

We wish to thank all of the organizations that we have the pleasure to work with. Our most recent placement of Shilo and Sadie (pictured below) went smoothly and the family who lived out of state were so pleased that their mother's companions found new loving homes.